Kindle Garden’s Principles of Learning and Teaching help children to develop positive skills and traits, and provide a strong foundation for life.

  1. Follow the Child

    We personalise learning for each child’s unique needs and interests.

  2. Mould Thinkers

    We encourage the child to discover, examine, analyze and inquire.

  3. Freedom to Explore

    We encourage independence and self-directed learning.

  4. Hands-On Learning

    We introduce concrete, hands-on experiences before the learning of abstract concepts.

  5. Emphasis on Practical Life, Sensorial Activities & Character Development

    We emphasize activities that develop children’s sense of order, concentration, coordination, independence, good character, and prepare the stage for future academic learning.

  1. Accessible Learning Materials

    We increase accessibility of choice through child-sized materials and tools, placed on low shelves, for children’s self-directed exploration.

  2. Respect for the Child’s Work Cycle

    We encourage the development of concentration and focused attention by respect the child’s work cycle and refraining from interrupting the child when he is investigating.

  3. Conducive Learning Environment

    We ensure that the environment is organised and attractive to promote the development of orderliness, cognition and creativity.

  4. Evidence-Based Practices

    We use proven practices and methods in our teaching and learning approaches.

  5. Independent Learning

    We promote independent learning through using materials that provide feedback whenever possible.

Toddlers Program (Little Explorers)
18 – 36 months.

What do little explorers need? Confidence to navigate the world by themselves for the first time without their mummies and daddies! At Kindle Garden, we support this big, brave, step by following the child’s lead in play. Our educators facilitate this adventure of discovery through cultivating a deep understanding of the child, responsive interactions and intentionally-designed learning spaces. The child’s natural curiosity and interest about the world around him is encouraged to blossom and grow, setting the stage for developments in attention, inquiry and self-regulation.

Kindergarteners Program (Little Investigators) 4 – 6 years.

Our little investigators are excited about learning and raring to go! The world around them is filled with wonderful things to discover, examine, analyze and inquire about. Our educators use the project approach by providing opportunities for experimentation and creativity and collaborative discussions with their peers. New concepts and content are taught in small groups which allow for in-depth discussions, more focused teacher support and direct instruction where necessary. Daily team games encourage the development of sportsmanship, formations of friendships and healthy competition and cooperation.